Digital supply platform of the future!


How it works?

LogChain platform creates an end-to-end electronically monitored package delivery

Trace your

We give you the chance to trace your shipment from loading dock right to the customer. In any moment you will know the location and condition of the shipment and it’s anticipated time of delivery.

Get Connected
and Informed

You will be able to trace consignments by a simple process of scanning bar codes on packages with mobile devices. All events from the field are transferred to the LogChain platform and electronically exchanged among all connected partners in the value chain.

Improve Efficiency
with Automation

LogChain platform will allow you to collaborate with partners and this optimise the use of the entire infrastructure in the logistic chain. The administrative work will be reduced, as all the data from the field are automatically transferred to the central information system.

Move your logistics to a powerhouse for top-line growth

In a digital era, it should be easier than ever to deliver a connected, intelligent and automated experience to all stakeholders of the logistic chain. Faster, fitter and vastly more flexible is a supply chain of the future and above all it has eliminated the last mile problems in order to delight customers.

Join us on the webinar and find how the digital platform of the future, the LogChain can help you moving your supply chain from a sleep mode to a powerhouse for top-line business growth.

We will run the LIVE WEBINAR “Last mile in logistics – it’s  not an issue anymore!” on the 26th of September, from 9:00 – 9:45 am CEST.

On the webinar you will learn how to:

  • Solve last mile problem
  • Trace delivery progress
  • Set-up automated and efficient communication with all stakeholders
  • Generate real-time proof of delivery with time stamp

With LogChain, BTC replaced paperwork with digital proof of delivery

LogChain was implemented by BTC, the biggest logistics center in Slovenia. BTC and the partners soon experienced positive effects LogChain had on their business processes and results. After the implementation, the information about certain shipments were automatically available to all stakeholders in real time which resulted in fewer calls. The amount of time-consuming paperwork  decreased and the managers didn’t have to wait for the driver to return in order to receive proof of delivery which resulted in improved effectiveness.

Read the case study and learn more on:

  • The logistic challenges BTS had before the LogChain.
  • The implementation and onboarding activities.
  • The positive effects the solution has on their business goals.
  • What features and benefits which convinced them to go with LogChain.

Intelligent. Automated. Connected.

That’s the future of modern logistics and it is not an option anymore! To enable more effective supply chain you as logistic’s professional need to make sure that data on all events get collected and exchanged. You must be able to trace and optimize the shipments and route plans in real-time, exchange data among all stakeholders. generate digital proof of delivery and set-up a paperless administration in order to improve work effectiveness.

Read the brochure and learn:

  • What does LogChain solution consist of.
  • Which are the functions supported by the LogChain.
  • How Frontman mobile devices support the delivery providers and drivers.

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Are you looking for a solution to last mile problems? Would you like to simplify your logistics processes and improve your customers’ experience? There’s a solution that will help you meet those challenges and more!

What does the LogChain consist of?

The solution consists of several integrated and verified eServices and interfaces. The bizBox EDI network ensures a formal, law-conforming eExchange and support for the entire logistics process from order to delivery and payment. The bizBox logistics platform ensures support for the logistics process and connectivity of all devices (IoT), means, and systems of users in real time.