What does the LogChain consist of?

The Logistics platform and Digital driver solution includes all the key functions that you need to introduce electronically operated package delivery.

Digital driver and logistics centre

The solution consists of several integrated and verified eServices and interfaces. The bizBox EDI network ensures a formal, law-conforming eExchange and support for the entire logistics process from order to delivery and payment. The bizBox logistics platform ensures support for the logistics process and connectivity of all devices (IoT), means, and systems of users in real time. It also ensures connection to all leading vehicle tracking systems. Furthermore, online and mobile interfaces and Frontman connected devices (bar code scanners, mobile logistics tablets, etc.) provide a user-friendly working environment in the field and in the office.  Each user can choose only those functions of the logistics platform which they need.

Logistics platform

The bizBox platform receives and processes, in a controlled manner, information from back-office systems of the partners and from the field during the delivery, from the order to the invoice. At the same time, it ensures that all parties involved are promptly informed on the status of the consignment according to their role in the process. Also supported, is the advanced function of the dispatcher in the traffic controller room, who through this function manages consignments, drivers, and vehicles.

  • Real-time monitoring of the statuses of packages and vehicle routes
  • Possibility of importing route plans and distributing assigning consignments packages to vehicles
  • Recording and archiving formal documents and signatures (Proof of Delivery)
  • Informing recipients on the status of the consignment in a proactive manner
  • Managing routes with loadings and unloadings
  • Recordings, takeovers, and returns of packaging
  • Claims, complaints, reports of damage (comments)
  • Online integration with the systems of users (ERP, WMS, TMS)

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Digital driver’s mobile solutions

Mobile devices and interfaces for support of the activities in the field support most of the tasks of the delivery providers and drivers:

  • Loading packages from the logistics centre to the vehicle
  • Managing delivery of packages (individual or mass)
  • Information on time windows for deliveries
  • Takeover of packages by the recipient (with or without announcement, marked, unmarked)
  • Rejection or return of packages to the logistics centre
  • Signature capture and other circumstances at the handover of the package
  • Information on additional services in the field
  • Reliable, robust, and ergonomic equipment which enables fast work of the couriers and ensures a long-term safety of the investment

LogChain is the Solution

Each person can use the parts of the system that they need to do their job efficiently. For employees working in the field, it’s important to provide a very usable mobile interface. Mobile capabilities include managing delivery of packages, monitoring time windows for deliveries, package rejection or return, and signature capture when packages are handed over. It’s a reliable and robust system that supports fast work by the couriers.

Using the LogChain platform, you’ll eliminate last mile problems, and provide your customers with customized delivery options, faster service, and a self-serve delivery tracking system that will save them time and frustration.